28 July, 2015

Still Here...

Sorry for the long absence. I've really been struggling to find time to create as well as blog about anything while working full time. So now that the summer holidays are here and I have 5 weeks off from work, I can have a bit of time for myself. Yeah!!! I've been trying to get back in the swing of creating again, so part of that means tidying up my studio in order to "create more messes". My husband laughs and rolls his eyes at me every time I say-"I need to clean the studio". 
I've also been working on resolving some pieces I want to display during the SOS 2015 in September. But more on that in my next blog post. Below I have some "doodles" I did recently, using a black gel pen on white and cream coloured pastel paper. I've been inspired by all those adult colouring books out there lately. 

Thanks for stopping by.
Bye for now.

06 May, 2015

WIP Wednesday 8

Here are some new pieces I've been working on.
The top three are difficult to see because of a glare-sorry.
And here are some close ups.
Bye for now.

28 April, 2015

New Group Exhibition

Sorry for the long absence, its been a while since my last post. 
There is a new group exhibition which I wanted to let you know about-

Here are some pictures-
These two are mine.

I will be at the gallery this Saturday from 11-1:30 pm if you are in the area and fancy saying hello.
Bye for now.

16 March, 2015

New Abstracts

Here are some new abstract paintings-acrylics on watercolour paper. I thought I would experiment with a limited palette of neutrals with a punch of colour here and there. Not sure if they are finished or not...

Bye for now.

13 March, 2015

The Start of Something New...

I haven't had much of a chance to get in the studio lately-so was itching to play with paints and colour. Here are six abstract paintings I did last night-acrylics on watercolour paper.
They are not finished- still loads more layers to come.
Bye for now.

02 March, 2015

Hello March!

Here are some sketches I did while on half-term holiday recently.
Materials-magazine pages, acrylic markers and coloured pens.
Bye for now.

11 February, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7

Here is another piece I'm working on-
This is the original image from a magazine. 
 Once it was transfered onto the canvas the image was reversed.
The background is a combination of stencil patterns using acrylic paints.
I also used acrylic markers on the model's hair and dress.
I felt the painting needed more excitement in the background-I added black lines and used dollies to stencil a pattern. Butterflies cut from magazines were added to her hair and skeleton leaves were used as earrings. I will let this dry and see what else it needs...
Bye for now.