18 April, 2014

The Blank Canvas...


What is it about a blank canvas that sends shivers down artists' spines?
It does to me at least. I had a chat with a fellow artist yesterday about this phenomenon and she shared the same sort of dread that I do in approaching a white blank canvas.
Why is it so intimidating? 
For me, its about making that "first mark", I want it to be "right", "perfect"; sometimes it about "committing to something"  and will that be "okay". 
I could go on and on but I won't bore you-
Have any of you felt this way before? What are your thoughts on "the blank canvas"? What is your approach?
Bye for now.

12 April, 2014

Reception Photos...

I was away last week so I hadn't had a chance to post photos of the Artsite Associate Artists Spring Exhibition 2014 reception until now. Here are a few-
Me and one of my paintings in the show.
 The second painting with the two women is also one of my paintings.

The exhibition closes this Saturday, 19th April. I will be at the gallery this Thursday from 1:30-4pm and also Friday from 11-2pm if you want to stop by and say hello.
Bye for now.

02 April, 2014

01 April, 2014

Welcome April!

Happy 1st April everyone! Spring paid us a nice visit today, bringing us some sun and warmer weather.
I hope it lasts... it made me think of flowers. Here is some "eye candy" to put you in the mood.

Bye for now.

19 March, 2014

Work in My Sketchbook...


Here are two entries in my sketch book today. I thought I would approach my method of working a bit differently and set my timer to 15 minutes and see what I would produce. I tried to have most of my supplies at hand so I could work more quickly and not spend lots of time looking for stuff. I still struggled a bit because some of my paint was too watery when I poured it and didn't give me the results I wanted. And some of my markers didn't work well on wet areas (next time I will use a heat gun) but it wasn't too bad for a first try. After I had done the top painting, I had paint left over so I used it to make the second one. I then set my timer for another 15 minutes as well. This method works well to play with ideas and experiment with techniques before you commit to a large canvas or whatever else you are working on. 
Bye for now.

11 March, 2014



Here is a preview of some works I will be selling at the 

The Madam Renards Mini Fringe is the The Fringe Performing Arts Festival in Swindon.

Building on the success of the first festival, Madam Renards have pulled together an exciting new programme of events, featuring a completely mixed bag of performances for all artistic tastes.

Show tickets are grouped in sessions, so you can see more performances for less cash…and get fully immersed in the spirit of the Fringe.

Free event
LAUNCH NIGHT | 7:30pm on 15 March | STEAM MUSEUM
Free entry for all.  A party to start off the festival, featuring music and theatre, plus a few glasses of bubbly!

If you are in the Swindon area, stop in and say hello!
Bye for now.