25 November, 2014

Christmas Craft Market

Sorry I have been absent from my blog lately-life gets in the way...
But here is an event I've been working towards-

Here are some photos of cards and collages I'll be showing.
If you are in the area this Sunday, stop by and say hello.
Bye for now.

30 October, 2014

Getting Ready for the Holidays...

Here is a quick look at some handmade cards I've been working on. I used acrylic paint markers on either solid or patterned textured cards.
Bye for now.

27 October, 2014

Where has the time gone???

Sorry I have been absent from my blog- have been really busy with work. I'm enjoying what I'm doing but have found it really hard to find time to do anything creative when I get home or on the weekends. Now that I have a few days off because of half-term I can spend some time in the studio-at least that is my hope. Before I can do any art, I need to organise-which won't be easy as before I did the Swindon Open Studio my studio was a mess. Here is a photo of Stage 1-Operation Clean up:

I won't scare you any further, hopefully I will get it to a stage where I know where most of my supplies are. Another job on my list was to update my website,  I have included works from the Swindon Open Studio and the WAR exhibition. I will be also working on some stuff for upcoming Christmas Markets and Fairs and will post those details later. 
Bye for now.

24 September, 2014

Swindon Open Studios 2014-Weekend 2

The Swindon Open Studios are now over and the exhibition at the library will come down this Sunday. So there is still time to see it if you missed it thus far.
Here are some sketchbook work I did during the two weekends. I hope to work on them a bit further and put them on canvases. I will post any work in progress as I go along.
Bye for now.

11 September, 2014

Swindon Open Studios 2014-Weekend 1 and Art in Store Front Windows...

Last Saturday and Sunday was our 1st weekend of Swindon Open Studios 2014. It was a nice turn out with many new faces and people really interested in seeing art in the making. So thanks to all who came to see me, I really appreciate it. I was not able to take many photos but here is a taste of what was on display. 
These belong to the other talented artists who shared the corridor space.
Linda Kasmaty took some lovely photos of the exhibition in the corridor by the courtyard. The works are by artist exhibiting at the library during the SOS weekends. They will remain on display for the rest of the month of September.

Another way artists are promoting Swindon Open Studios is to showcase their work in store front windows in Old Town. I have work in a few places- Trousseaux's

And in Windows Number 9. This Saturday and Sunday will be the last weekend so hopefully I might see some of you on the tour. 
Bye for now.

01 September, 2014

Hello September!

I'm back and I hope you all have enjoyed your summer holidays. 
Its September and that means- Swindon Open Studios. I am really excited about showing new work and work in progress. Here is the invitation to my venue-
For more information regarding Swindon Open Studios click here or about my work and other events go to my website www.carmenbnorris.com
Bye for now.

30 July, 2014

Ideas for Art Cards/Book and My Summer Break...

Here are some sketches done in my sketchbook using gel pens, acrylic markers and watercolour paints. I thought I would use them for either Art cards or covers on small handmade blank books. 
We will be going away to Cornwall again, this time to Newquay. Hopefully the weather there will be as nice as it has been here in Swindon for the past month or so. I will also be taking a 
break from my blog to enjoy the rest of my summer before my son goes back to school and I start a new full time job. Next month I will also be busy getting ready for Swindon Open Studios which starts the first week in September. I will however, post some photos on my Facebook page of any upcoming events, etc.
Bye for now and enjoy the rest of your summer.